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Impressed, is he?Reuters

When nothing happens, strip! That's the stance taken by Suzy Cortez, a Brazilian swimsuit model, in an effort to lure FC Barcelona superstar Lionel Messi to sign a contract for extension at the Camp Nou!

Calling it an 'online campaign', Cortez, who is a former Miss BumBum winner — a well-known beauty pageant in Brazil, which believe it or not, awards the best-looking butts — is taking to her Instagram profile to post seductive images to boost the Barcelona magician!

A lot of speculation is going on over the future of Messi at Barcelona with reports coming in that Premier League's Manchester City are preparing to launch an offer worth £100 million to sign the Argentinian legend.

The Catalan giants, however, have stated now and again that their priceless possession is going nowhere and will stay loyal to Barcelona. Reports have mentioned that Barcelona are negotiating with the player regarding his contract's extension, but nothing concrete has come up.

Messi, 29, has been playing with Barcelona since the age of 13 and his present contract with the club expires in the summer of 2018.

Before Messi becomes a free agent by that time, it will be highly interesting to see what happens in the summer transfer window this year or the winter transfer window 2018. Is he set for a mega money transfer or are Barcelona willing to go to any length to keep Messi?

While we wait to get more news on that, Suzy Cortez — who won the unique competition in 2015 — isn't wasting any time to do what she does the best — Strip to impress!

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Her caption in Portuguese translates to: "Barcelona needs the best player in the world, so I'm launching this 'campaign' to make Messi sign the contract extension."