[Representational image] WhatsApp for Android gets new feature that allows user to retrieve media content even if its deleted in the phoneCreative Commons
  • WhatsApp is now allowing Android app users to download images and other media content from chat session even if they are deleted in the storage
  • This new feature is expected to be introduced in the iOS version soon

Facebook-owned WhatsApp is one of the top messenger apps in the world and in a bid to keep itself at the top of the game, it always tries to improve the user experience. Now, it has introduced a feature that allows the user to download old media content again even if he/she deleted it from their phone.

Earlier, whenever the user received files such as images, GIFs and short clips, WhatsApp used to store them on its server (for 30 days) till the time they were downloaded by the user. Due to this protocol, if the users deleted the media content on their phone, they could not retrieve them back ever again. 

Now, WhatsApp has made changes in its media storage protocol. It has decided to store all the messages and multimedia content on its server even if it is downloaded by the user. Rest assured, the server is encrypted so that it cannot be accessed by anybody other than the user.

As of now, this feature has been made available in WhatsApp for Android version (2.18.113) and is expected to come to iOS soon, reported WABetaInfo.

How to retrieve deleted media content on WhatsApp?

If the user has deleted the downloaded media content in the phone's storage, he/she can go back to the chat conversation on WhatsApp. Once it is found, just tap on it to download.

In a related development, WhatsApp is testing a new feature which would allow users to customize the shape and size of the WhatsApp icon on the home screen.

WhatsApp beta testers using Android devices have received the new update v2.18.74 with the aforementioned feature. With that, users can choose between default (circle), square, squircle (rounded square), and teardrop.

Also, WhatsApp, which has introduced Unified Payment Interface (UPI) service for users to transact money in India, is also testing the Quick Response (QR) code scan feature.

The scanning option is easy to use as it just requires users to point the camera at the QR code to begin the payment transaction. Once identified, WhatsApp will trigger the UPI payment feature and the user can just type in the payment amount and complete the transaction.

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