Facebook-owned instant messaging app WhatsApp is all set to start serving ads in 2020. At Facebook Marketing Summit in Rotterdam, Netherlands, the company has revealed that the ads will be served within WhatsApp Status as similar to Instagram Stories. The Android and iPhone versions of WhatsApp were also said to have the necessary implementation for hosting ads.

Facebook acquired WhatsApp back in 2014 for $19 billion. Since the acquisition, the social media titan has been thinking to monetize the messaging app. Prior, Facebook assured that users do not have to spend money to use the app.

Talking about adds on WhatsApp, it will appear on statuses like Facebook and Instagram stories, and it will occupy the whole screen and show the company name instead of the contact name. Also, there will be a swipe up feature to reach link for shopping.

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WhatsApp adsOlivier Ponteville

BeConnectAgency's Olivier Ponteville, who appears to have attended a session of the ongoing Facebook Marketing Summit in Rotterdam, shared an image, which was showing ads feature development. Later, the development was shared by social media guru Matt Navarra, further fastening its authenticity.

Last year, the Wall Street Journal reported that WhatsApp Status would start showing ads as early as this year. WhatsApp beta version 2.18.305 for Android was reported to have included the implementation of ads in the Status section. Similarly, an iOS version also has the same type of development. However, users are yet to see the change.

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WhatsApp ads in status tab coming next yearKIRILL KUDRYAVTSEV/AFP/Getty Images

Alongside ad serving ability, WhatsApp is revamping the experience for its business users. The company is planning to make Business app richer with Image + text and PDF + text format. The product catalogue on WhatsApp is also said to be integrated within existing Facebook Business Manager catalogue.