An Iraqi woman
Dutch Teen Aicha's ex-husband, Omar Yilmaz, reportedly said she was happy doing 'girl stuff' when she was with ISIS jihadists. (Representational image)Reuters File

A Dutch teen known only as 'Aicha', who was rescued by her mother from Syria after her marriage with a jihadist broke up, was happy doing 'girl stuff' while with the ISIS group, according to reports.

Aicha's terrorist ex-husband, Omar Yilmaz, reportedly said she loved her time with the jihadists – cooking for them, indulging in tea parties and doing other "girl stuff" with friends, the Sunday Times has been cited as having reported. 

The reported quotes from the ex-husband of the young woman was cited by other credible news publications such as Daily Mail and New York Post, but the authenticity of the reports remains difficult to verify as Sunday Times no longer has the news report on its site. 

The British newspaper quoted the ex-husband of the 19-year-old Dutch woman as saying "I never harmed her."

"When she was married to me, she had contact with her family daily," he said. The statements came in contrast to what Aicha's mother had said -- that the teen was treated "like a slave".

Her husband apparently told the newspaper that Aicha, however, was happy and free to enjoy herself.

Aicha's mom, Monique, who went all the way to Syria and rescued her daughter in an obscure tale of adventure that still remains difficult to believe, had said that her daughter had hated her life with ISIS and wanted to return home because she was passed around by the jihadists.

But Yilmaz reportedly insisted that that was a false report. "She would spend most of the day either at home or with our neighbours," he was quoted as saying. "Cooking food, tea parties...girl stuff."

The ISIS member was surprisingly further quoted as saying the pair split up amicably after a few months together – something that was unlikely to happen in the current path taken by the dreaded jihadist group who are reportedly raping and selling women and young girls..

"We both knew it wasn't going to work," Yilmaz said. "I gave her due..and went on with my jihad.

"She said Islam forbids men to send their wives back once they have migrated. So I didn't send her back."