Everyone knows popular dating app Tinder. This is probably the only app that stands as an equivalent of passing flirtatious comments towards another person, but digitally. And now, the app has introduced its brand new 'Super Like' feature, which is a way of showing your date that you really want to match with him or her.

The company originally launched the 'Super Like' feature as a beta in Australia in early September, and has since seen its user base increase three times the likelihood of finding a match via the use of the feature.

'Super Like' basically offers a new way to swipe on a potential match - instead of swiping left or right, once the 'Super Like' feature is brought into play, it'll let the other person know that you've liked him or her before they make their decision on you. Later, when you appear in their list, it'll come up with a blue border to show that you're ready.

That being said, users will be restricted to only one 'Super Like' a day and so users need to be careful on how they use it. According to Tinder you're three times more likely to match while using the feature only once. However, if you're a Tinder Plus user, you'll get five 'Super Likes' a day.

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