It's time to put the best words forward. In the catchiest manner possible and 280 characters to be precise. On Thursday before noon #PitMad had already become a 178k strong community. Brought together by their best pitches and bucked up by others who were all set for a retweet marathon. As the writers continue tweeting their best pitches using the hashtag #PitMad in the latest Pit Wars event, we bring forward a few of the catchy, unique and moving ones.

But first, what is #PitMad


Where the publishing industry meets social media platforms and together they decide to scout some incredible talent in the shortest possible time from among a sea of aspiring writers. Literally translated #PitMad is a Twitter pitch event where writers tweet a 280-character pitch for their work.

The work comprising completed and unpublished manuscripts, no matter what the genre, category, length of the work. Literary agents and editors make requests by liking or favoriting the tweeted pitch. PitMad occurs quarterly and the next date is March 4, 2021.

PS; Writers have to use their own discretion in deciding whether to send or not to send requested materials to each individual.

When tweets told a thousand stories

A world of elves, fairies, Zebra with dots and a leopard without spots. Writers poured their heart, imagination and talent into words. May the best pitch win. 

No Paté for Papa" Heartwarming as GOOD NIGHT MOON but set in a French bistro. Plus cats. Children's Picture Book that will be "Future Nostalgia" — F.V. Everleigh [@fveverleigh]

I stood on the haunted Charleston shore, knowing the thing beside me was NOT my daughter. My work in demonology had made Abby a target; to get her back I'd need help from my network of occultists - an exorcist, a shaman, a former cult member & others. — Miriam Van Scott [Photographer@miriamvs]

On a moonlit night filled with fireflies, a rare zebra is born with spots. Mama's heart aches when he doesn't fit in, but with a little courage and the perfect camouflage, the unique zebra becomes an unlikely hero! — Michele Ziemke [@ZiemkeMichele]

Tootlefiss's blood lust can't be quenched, his addiction is the daily injection of his madly scientific concoction directly to a fearful republic, the world around him mislead, an easy target horrors, they hunger for a cure, he hungers for their souls." —Prairiesown [@Prairiesown]

A busy wife and mother moves to an affluent suburb with her family for a quieter life. But after she's let into a clique of rich mothers, and two go missing, she must decide what's more important—fitting in or uncovering the truth." —Heather Dixon [@hdixonwriter]

Dinner time becomes tricky when you are a vampire allergic to BLOOD! With dawn fast approaching Vinnie must embrace mother nature for survival and, in the process, show the monster community there is more to life than blood and gore!" — Darren Spink [@darrenspink1]

Toy Train's adventure begins when the tracks veer outside. There's lots to do, but Train says NO to caterpillar passengers, NO to wet tracks and high bridges, and NO to squirrels stealing the snacks! Trying new things is scary. Will Train find her YES before winter?" —  Sarah E Steinberg [@flying_olive]

Tired of her family's matchmaking over chai and chats, hijabi legal analyst Sana decides to follow her heart, only it leads her in two directions a cute barista and a sexy coworker. —Noreen [@noreenlekhak]

Megan thinks being skinny is the answer to acceptance. But a misuse of diet pills backfires, & she unintentionally starts on the same path as her dead, prostitute, drug-addicted mother. With the help of her nonexistent father, she must learn how to love herself." — Amélie Corner [@AmelieCorner]

Editor's note: If you feel we are missing out on some more great pitches, tag @ibtimes_india along with the pitch and we'll be sure to consider it.