OnePlus is consistently grabbing the headlines, mainly with rumours about the upcoming OnePlus 6T smartphone. But those who are watching the company's official social media handles have something far more interesting and mysterious to discuss.

OnePlus announced a new challenge on Twitter that involves codebreaking, but the details of it are highly encrypted. The company shared a teaser while announcing the new challenge, welcoming fans to join the contest that is going live from September 18 at 8 am EST (5:30 pm IST).

Except for the cryptic teaser and a start date for the contest, fans are left with nothing but a string of random guesses. The biggest question lingering in everyone's minds is "what on earth is OnePlus Crackables?" The dictionary meaning of the word translates to a code that can be cracked, but we are not exactly looking for that.

In the teaser, OnePlus says "crack the code to win the challenge" and we are guessing there will be some sort of a reward for the winners (maybe a OnePlus 6T?). OnePlus dropped another hint in the teaser, saying the "Crackables" contest was "created with our friends at Google." Doesn't reveal much, but nothing could keep fans from guessing.

OnePlus Crackables contest
OnePlus Crackables contestOnePlus

OnePlus fans guessed everything from "a gaming phone" to a "Pixel phone by OnePlus" and some of them put their money on new Bullets headphones. But the contest could be in reference to something on a software front, more or less like a game for its fans to win in order to be rewarded. Seems like the "crackables" is not easily "crackable" based on the limited information available online.

While the mystery will finally reveal itself on September 18, here are some of the wild guesses from baffled fans on Twitter. Some of them are gold.

OnePlus decided to step in and build more curiosity with its cryptic responses.

Well played, OnePlus!