Kapil Sharma and his The Kapil Sharma Show have for the past couple of months been in the news for all the wrong reasons. From losing Television Rating Points (TRPs) to the host's health issues, cancelling shoots, sending several superstars home to eventually taking a break from TV, the comedy show has seen it all.

While Kapil blamed his failing health for the show being pulled off air, it has now been revealed that one other person was largely responsible for ruining the successful comedy show.

Kapil Sharma denies keeping superstars waiting for him on The Kapil Sharma Show set

According to a SpotboyE report, the man is none other than Kapil's close friend Rajiv Dhingra, the director of the comedian-actor's upcoming movie Firangi.

The report said Dhingra was appointed creative director of the show after Sunil Grover, Ali Asgar and many others left The Kapil Sharma Show.

But the director reportedly failed to manage the team due to which the quality of the show dropped and scripts were never ready on time. All these eventually resulted in the show going off air. Many of the team members also reportedly didn't like Dhingra. 

Interestingly, before the announcement of the end of the show, Sony TV had a meeting with the new and old team members, including writers, in an attempt to save the show from being pulled. The channel was told that the members were ready to return if Dhingra was let go.

Bharti Singh, Kapil Sharma
Bharti Singh and Kapil SharmaBharti Singh/Instagram

But, unfortunately, Kapil didn't want to let go of his film's director, and this resulted in the show taking a temporary break.