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A new form of dieting technique that is based on the philosophy — "dieting doesn't really mean to starve" – has emerged and it's called fasting-mimicking.

A proper diet is necessary for a healthy life and it is the key to longer life. Ans, this new diet also claims the achieve the same.

Valter Longo, director of the Longevity Institute at the University of Southern California, believes that eating in a specific way will help people to live long without developing debilitating diseases, Business Insider reported.

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Fasting has been previously linked to longer lifespan and healthy life but this unique dieting process allows you to eat whatever you want and yet get the benefits of fasting.

It's designed in a way that people will not have to cut back on food for five days at a time. This kind of fast can be done once a month or once in every six months.

It was found after studying 100 participants that this diet can significantly alter signs of disease, reduce weight, lower blood pressure, body fat, decrease levels of biomarkers associated with cancer, and improve blood-sugar levels.

Longo explains his unique fasting-mimicking diet (FMD) in his new book --The Longevity Diet.

People on FMD can eat normally for 25 days, but the five-day fast is to be followed strictly. On the five fasting days, people are supposed to eat a specific blend of nutrients – on the first day it is supposed to amount to 1,100 calories and 800 calories per day in the remaining four days.

So far, the studies that have been conducted have allowed people to eat whatever they please for the 25 non-fasting days. But, Longo writes in the book that science supports certain eating plans regardless.