Urine test
Representational image of a urine sample.Creative Commons

Fake pee, which can be used to cheat drug tests, is becoming such a nuisance in the United States, that some states are taking steps to ban it.

While Indiana and New Hampshire banned synthetic urine last year, two states, Missouri and Mississippi, introduced bills this year, reported The Washington Post. At a hearing, Mississippi State Representative Willie Bailey said fake urine is a "hot seller" and can be priced at $17 to $40. It can also be microwaved to attain body temperature, added Bailey.

On the other hand, executive director of the Indiana Prosecuting Attorneys Council David Powell reportedly heard numerous cases where people have been caught with fake urine. According to the reports, they often try to swap urine samples while they are in the bathrooms taking the tests.

What is fake pee?

Fake pee is a mixture of few chemicals like uric acid - a chemical, which is found in human urine. It goes by the name "Monkey Whizz" and "UPass" and can be used by drug dealers to come out clean after screening exams administered by police. This, according to the news website, is becoming a serious concern given the increase in the number of people involved in drug abuse in the country.

"Our employers are reporting to us a concern that more and more of their employees are using synthetic human urine to cheat on a drug test," said Dan Gibson, executive director of the Mississippi Association of Self-Insurers, according to reports.

Not only these few states, at least 18 states deliberating over laws to make fake urine illegal, reported The Washington Post, citing National Conference of State Legislatures.