Earlier this week, Xiaomi announced to host an event in Beijing on 19 October, sparking rumours of an impending flagship Mi 5 series launch, but it met a quick death after company president and co-founder Lin Bin dismissed the speculations saying that the Mi4 successor won't be making its debut on Monday.

To put things in perspective, Bin said in a humorous message on Weibo "mi 5, notebooks, watches, plates, rice cookers, inflatable doll, nor bicycles, cars, aircraft, bombs and UFO" will not be showcased on 19 October.

However, Xiaomi chairman & CEO and co-founder Lei Jun posted a blueprint of a camera and lens set on 13 October, hinting that the company might actually unveil a DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) snapper.

We might also see Xiaomi take wraps off the new Yi Action series similar to GoPro cameras.

There is no word what new features the Xiaomi camera will boast of, but one thing fans can be sure of is that the device will house top-end hardware and will still be pocket friendly, just like other devices in the company's device portfolio.

Will Xiaomi surprise fans with any new device category on 19 October?

In its bid to keep the buzz alive around 19 October event, Xiaomi has posted a series of teasers in the last few days, such as a shaver and a blade, a portrait watched by a woman, a piano, a big diamond ring and lastly a mike stand with the spotlight on it. This has apparently led many to believe Xiaomi may announce multiple devices.

First up, we take up the shaver and blade image released on 14 October. It hints that there is a chance of Xiaomi unveiling an electric shaver. If it really does turn true, it won't be surprise to many because the Chinese company is already into portable water purifier, camera, air purifier business, and on 19 October we might probably see a electric shaver getting added to the company's portfolio.

The image released on 15 October shows a woman viewing a portrait on the wall. This again hints a camera launch on Monday.

Another teaser showcasing a piano released on 16 October comes with a message – "Music is an art form or cultural activity whose medium is sound and silence. Therefore we need______________ listen to good music?" So, there is a possibility that Xiaomi may unveil a music player device like Apple iPod series.

The big diamond ring and the stage with mike stand and the spotlight teasers posted on 17 and 18 October are really tough to decipher. We have no choice, but to wait for few more hours to really know what Xiaomi has in store for us.

IBT India prediction:

Besides Xiaomi camera, electric shaver and music player, we also believe there is a slight chance of witnessing the launch of either Mi Pad 2 or Mi band smart fitness tracker. This is just a speculation based on the recent reports. 

Check out all the Xiaomi teaser images HERE. And do let us know, what Xiaomi might announce on 19 October in the comment section below.