Pakistan Navy has issued a warning about a danger zone where it will be test-firing missiles amid rising concerns around COVID-19. Even as the world battles the bigger war against deadly novel coronavirus, which has over 25 lakh people with over 16 lakh deaths from around the world. In Pakistan, there have been close to 9,000 cases of which 176 are confirmed dead with hundreds of new cases being reported on a daily basis.

With reports of people dying due to starvation in Pakistan during coronavirus lockdown and showing discrimination while evacuating VIPs from London, the country's government appears to have different priorities right now. From test-firing missiles in the Arabian Sea to continuing infiltration attempts in Kashmir, Pakistan's agenda appears to be more focused on matters that should not take precedence over saving the lives of PAK citizens.

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PAK continues missile testing

Pakistan has issued a notification warning to clear ships and aircraft from +25000 SQNM area, which is marked as a "danger zone." According to the notification, Pakistan Navy will conduct "missile and gunnery firing practice with live ammunition" in the Arabian Sea - West of India.

The fire testing is to be carried out between April 19 and 24, according to the notification image shared by @detresfa_.

PAK missile testing
PAK missile testingTwitter

The firing drill comes only days after Pakistan expressed its concerns regarding the sale of sophisticated weapons to India. The irony here is that the deal was called "particularly disturbing" at a time when the world is fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, Foreign Ministry spokesperson Aisha Farooqui told media at a press conference.

Terror missions in Kashmir continue

Pak troops
The troops have been placed in the Bagh and Kotli sector in PoK.IANS

India is fighting tooth and nail to emerge from the coronavirus crisis, but that doesn't give it any reason to lower its defenses along the border. After neutralizing infiltration attempts in Kashmir along the LoC, which resulted in five paratroopers losing their lives, there's a spike in terror activities in the Kashmir Valley.

Ever since the abrogation of Article 370, there has been a significant rise in the firing along the LoC. There have been about 1,197 incidents so far and the coronavirus lockdowns in both countries haven't given rest to Pakistan's terror missions in Kashmir. Even though there's a restriction of high-speed internet in Kashmir, there's a resurgence on social media of the call Khalistan group.