It has been way over a year since Angelina Jolie announced her separation from Brad Pitt. A few months ago, it was reported that their divorce process has slowed down. But now, there are new rumours suggesting that their split has taken an ugly turn with the two stars fighting over $400 million fortune.

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Hollywood sources told OK! Magazine that the estranged spouses are fighting over $400 million fortune which is delaying their divorce process.

Insiders close to the situation claim, "They're both playing hardball. Angie wants a huge cash payout, plus stakes in their properties and their assets divided up equally. That's a huge sticking point for Brad, who invested tens of millions into his art collection and various passion projects that had nothing to do with her."

Further, the grapevine also expresses shock about the prolonged seesaw situation. "There are a lot of emotions involved and it's difficult for them to truly move on until this divorce is finalized. Angie keeps hoping Brad will roll over, but after everything that's happened, he's standing his ground." The seemingly phony source concludes, "It's hard to believe one of them isn't exhausted yet," the informant claims.

However, Gossip Cop's sources claim otherwise. The gossip clarification site states that the claim holds no truth. Their sources share the events are inaccurate. The site also suggests that money matters are not withholding the divorce proceedings as the couple had signed a prenuptial agreement.

According to a 2014 report by TMZ, the couple own about 12 properties. This includes seven of the properties belong to Pitt, two belong to Jolie, and three belong to both of them.

Although there is a delay in the procedure and the site suggests that the children's custody could be complicating the situation. Ever since the divorce, there have been several reports claiming that Jolie doesn't allow the children to spend time with their father.

Only time will tell when things will be finalised and how the custody process turns out.