Yuvan Shankar Raja's decision to convert to Islam had come under severe attack from a section of his followers on Twitter, a few years ago. In fact, he decided to quit the social media platforms to avoid negativity.

Yuvan Shankar Raja
Yuvan Shankar Raja with his wife Zafroon Nizar.Zafroon Nizar Instagram

His father and legendary musician, Ilayaraaja is a staunch Hindu, yet Yuvan decided to embrace the Islam. His decision had taken the audience by a surprise although the constitution gives the freedom to practice his or her religion of his choice.

Now, Yuvan Shankar Raja has opened up on a few questions pertaining to the religion and its holy book Quran. His wife Zafroon Nizar took a couple of questions from her followers and made her hubby answer it.

Check out the few questions asked by fans and his response to it, below:

Things he loves most about Islam.
The first thing that comes to my mind when I heard this question is that nobody is superior here. For an instance, if we go to a prayer, there is no discrimination. A person next to me can be an influential person. There is no priority for them. This factor I liked the most.

Yuvan Shankar Raja
Yuvan Shankar Raja.PR Handout

What are the questions he searched about life and the answers he got from the Quran?
I think this question commonly comes in one's mind. We generally discuss it with our friends. What happens to our soul after our death? Why there are so much of inequalities in the society? Why some people have to struggle to get something in life, while some gets it easily.

There are so many questions coming up in us, and when I read the Quran, I felt like the answers were directly coming to me. Moreover, like a head to a household, a leader to a country, a leader to the world, there is a leader controlling the universe and this belief got stronger after reading the Quran.