In the current time of season change, Adenovirus appears to be taking an alarming shape among the children in West Bengal.

Although the state health department is yet to compile the definite figure of deaths of children being affected by Adenovirus, unofficial estimates indicate that since December last year, more than ten children have died of cold and breathing problems, symptoms which are typical of being affected by the virus.

However, the state health department has issued an advisory for doctors, especially pediatricians to take special care of children being admitted with flu- like symptoms, especially children of two-years of age or below since they are most vulnerable to being affected by Adenovirus.

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A state health department official, on condition of anonymity, admitted that during the last couple of weeks, there has been an increase in the admissions at the pediatric child care units in state-run hospitals "Most of the child care units in these hospitals are already overloaded. The ventilators there are almost 100 per cent occupied. Similar rush of admission in pediatric child care units have been reported from private hospitals and nursing homes," the official said.

What are the symptoms?

The common symptoms of Adenovirus are flu-like ones, cold, fever, breathing problems, sore throat, pneumonia and acute bronchitis. The children of two- years of age and below are most vulnerable to being affected by the virus.

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The virus can spread through skin contacts, by air through coughing and sneezing and through an infected person's stool. So far, there have not been any approved medicines or any specific treatment-line to treat the virus.

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