Some football fans were left surprised by the new penalty format, which took shape after the Community Shield match between Arsenal and Chelsea ended 1-1, leading to penalties. However, the FA had already announced a few days ahead of the clash about the new ABBA penalty format to be used in the match. Arsenal beat Chelsea to win the silverware via the new penalty shootout format. 

Confused about the ABBA format? Here is an explainer

The traditional format of ABAB will not be used this season. The ABAB format meant that players from both teams will take the penalty kicks, one after the other. But, in the new ABBA format, the tables have turned, where a sequence of AB BA AB BA will be followed instead of AB AB AB AB.

To make it simple for you to understand, let us explain via Arsenal vs Chelsea penalty shootout on Sunday. 

Chelsea's Gary Cahill was the first penalty taker, and then two Arsenal players followed suit, after which two penalty takers from The Blues took their chance. It means that the team, which takes the first penalty will have to wait for their turn only after two of their opponents players go for the spot kick.

Olivier Giroud, Arsenal, Chelsea, ABBA penalty
Dan Mullan/Getty Images

Why is this system being used?

This system, which seems to be somewhat similar to tennis tie-breaks, has been brought into existence hoping that it becomes fair on the club taking the second penalty.

Will it be used across all English Football League tournaments this season?

Like it or not, the answer to the above question is yes. This ABBA system seems to have been tried by the FIFA at the international stage, and FA will use it in English competitions like the EFL Cup, EFL trophy and playoffs too.

Are people happy with the new format?

Former players like Steven Gerrard have already spoken about it, and seems to be favouring the old ABAB format itself. Even some of the fans expressed their disappointment on Twitter, about the new format.