A bank manager in West Bengal was arrested on Saturday, 29 August, for allegedly killing a 34-year-old woman and her five-year-old daughter.

The accused, Samaresh Sarkar (47), manager of Central Bank of India's Durgapur branch, was caught when he was trying to dispose of suitcases containing body parts into a river from a boat, police said.

Passengers in the boat who noticed him throwing away three suitcases had apprehended him.

Sarkar, a married man with two daughters, was reportedly in an illicit relationship with the victim - Sucheta Chakraborty - who had separated from her husband.

The woman was forcing him to marry her, police said. "Sarkar chopped up the body of the woman into three pieces and kept them in three trolley bags. We found the upper and lower parts of her body in two bags, but could not find the head of the woman and the body of the child. We have deployed a team of eight divers to trace the third bag," Hindustan Times quoted an investigating officer.

Although Sarkar admitted that he was in a relationship with the victim, he claimed that the lady committed suicide after killing her own daughter. "He claimed that Chakraborty drowned her daughter in a cistern in a fit of rage and the child died within minutes. When she found that Sarkar was still not ready to marry her, she grabbed a knife and slit her throat. The theory appeared highly unlikely," the officer added.

A resident of Titagarh, the accused told police that the incident happened on Friday at the victim's house in Durgapur. He claimed that he decided to get rid of the bodies as he feared that he will be dragged into the case.

 However, police arrested Sarkar on charges of murder and Section 201 of IPC (causing disappearance of evidence of offence).