With many actors and citizens coming forward to help people reach their homes during the coronavirus pandemic, about 180 migrants, who were stranded due to the ongoing situation, boarded an Air Asia flight from Hyderabad to Patna, which was supported by alumni of Welham Girls' School, Dehradun, and other organisations.

Some members of the association collected Rs 17 lakhs for this chartered flight.

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Ratna Prabha, IAS, Former Chief Secretary Govt of Karnataka, founder president UBUNTU (consortium of Women Entrepreneurs), and now appointed as Chairperson Skill Development Authority, shared this on Twitter.

She added, "Great initiative and kudos to these girls! I am sure you will be all immensely blessed."

Talha Salaria, a Welham alumnus, shared this on her Facebook profile and got immense response from social media users.

Talha stated, "It's a proud moment!"

She further added, the alumni of Welham Girls' School have raised nearly Rs 17 lakhs to charter an entire plane of over 180 passengers under Mission Aaahan Vaahan, an initiative run by NLS Alumni, which is assisting stranded migrants get to the safety of their homes.

The flight scheduled for Friday, June 12, 2020, was from Hyderabad to Patna and the passengers include some that have been hit the hardest. A big group of children, people who have been in shelters and some who have not even managed to get support from shelters will be reaching their homes.

Stranded migrant flew to Chhattisgarh

As many as 180 migrant workers stranded in Bengaluru due to the COVID-19 lockdown flew to Chhattisgarh's capital Raipur on June 4 in a chartered flight, which was arranged by Aaahan Vaahan.

Father of two young kids; his wife had low hemoglobin during lockdown and refused treatment in hospitals. She died in march and he had been waiting to go home ever sinceFacebook

Reports stated that Mercy Mission, ILoveBlr trust, United Sikhs, Bangalore Media Foundation and several individuals volunteered to coordinate the mission.

Talha stated, "Even though we are busy with our own lives, this goes to show that the Welham spirit flourishes and this time will fly high in the skies. We stand by our motto, girls, "Artha Shanti Phala Vidya", which means "The fulfillment of education is to bring peace to the suffering".

It should be noted that lakhs of migrants are stranded due to the ongoing pandemic in different parts of the country. Some have reached their homes but many still await hope.