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Much-awaited Bollywood film "Welcome to Karachi" featuring Jackky Bhagnani and Arshad Warsi in the leads, has received mixed reviews from viewers, who have called it an illogical comedy thriller.

Directed by Ashish R Mohan, "Welcome to Karachi" is an action comedy film, which is a remake of "Dumb and Dumber". Ex-Navy officer Shammi Thakur (Arshad Warsi) and Gujarati businessman's son Kedar Patel (Jackky Bhagnani) leave for the USA on a boat. Having encountered a sudden storm, they land in Karachi (Pakistan). What happens next is a laugh riot.

"Welcome to Karachi" has a brilliant idea, but the director has failed to execute the same on the screen. Warsi and Bhagnani's wonderful performances and a few funny dialogues are some of the attractions of the movie. Poor scripting is the big drawback of the film, say the audiences.

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After watching it, many film goers shared their verdict on the movie on Twitter. We bring to you some unique Twitter comments about the film below: 

Darshana Kumar ‏@YourMomsBiryani

Judge all you want but #WelcomeToKarachi was a decent watch. Of course it had its moments but @jackkybhagnani was hilarious. Damn @ArshadWarsi is a treat to watch. Straight up I was tired yesterday and this movie really did lift my soul lolz. #WelcomeToKarachi

Deepak ‏@Deepuzoomout

#WelcomeToKarachi has immensely enjoyable laughter at times, @ArshadWarsi is impeccable, @jackkybhagnani impresses big time, one time watch

Pratik Mulik ‏@pratmulik

#WelcomeToKarachi is really a madnes mess, & hope it'll be a superhit movie. @ArshadWarsi I jst loved tht afridi wala joke of urs

Shiva dagar ॐ ‏@shiva_dagar

Just saw #WelcomeToKarachi good work @ArshadWarsi @jackkybhagnani ..and wish all luck to the whole team for coming week . god bless all:)

Sethumadhavan Napan ‏@Sethumadhavan

#WelcomeToKarachi-what starts off as a ridiculously funny tale soon loses its way as the jokes lose their punch & the film drifts away. #WelcomeToKarachi-Could have been a total fun ride but doesn't turn out to be so-missed opportunity !

Prakash Khetpal ‏@pkverdicts

#‎WelcometoKarachi – It leaves you mid-air. The illogical reasoning comedy isn't comedy anymore – even for the comedy to be brainless it should still have humor in it which welcome to Karachi fails to offer.

Ravi kiran ‏@kinnuPSPK

#WelcomeToKarachi Chaltha Avg movie .. Mindless humor .. Arshad warsi & Jackky Bhagnani comedy bagundi .. Overall ga One Time watch 2.75/5

Rachit Gupta ‏@radiochatter

This #WelcomeToKarachi is such a debacle. Mind is numb with the slapstick. The absolute disregard for logic.

NishantBhuse ‏@nishantbhuse

Priggish, hillarious & mindless comic performances by @jackkybhagnani & @ArshadWarsi #WelcomeToKarachi laughter riot