Caliber 3
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You realise terrorism has gone mainstream when tourists express an interest in experiencing fake terror attacks just for the kicks. Israel, which is one of the centres of terrorist attacks in the Middle East, is now offering visitors a chance to pretend to kill Arab "terrorists" and experience fake terror attacks.

Caliber 3, in the Israeli settlement bloc of Gush Etzion in the West Bank near Bethlehem, invites tourists from across the world to experience terror activities like a suicide bombing in a Jerusalem marketplace, a stabbing attack, a live demonstration with attack dogs and also a sniper tournament.

The 'terror' tourist attraction uses Israel's controversial domestic issues to entertain its guests and takes tourists on a two-hour journey which is half macabre entertainment and half propaganda, according to RT.

"They really got us immersed in what it takes to provide security in a land surrounded by sworn enemies," a participant of the tourist camp wrote on Trip Advisor.

Footage from the shooting experiences shows targets are photographs of menacing looking-Arab "terrorists."

Caliber 3, which was established in 2003 by Israeli Defense Force Colonel Sharon Gat, has inspired other similar military experiences for tourists in Israel, like the International Security Academy Israel and Zikit Extreme. A similar company even exists in the United States known as Cherev Gidon.

The terror camp for tourists reportedly runs a three-month long summer camp for teenage boys, which includes three Kosher meals per day, training and lessons on Zionism and survival skills.

Around 15,000 to 25,000 tourists visit Caliber 3 every year, according to Haaretz. The majority of the visitors in the camp are American Jews, however, reports state the place also see frequent visitors from China, Russia and South America.