Shekhar Suman is breathing fire and rightly so. The doting father was devastated after a news portal wrongly reported his son Adhyayan Suman's suicide news. As Adhyayan was in Delhi and couldn't be reached right then, the family was left in tears. Shekhar Suman has decided to take legal action against the 'unpardonable' and 'irresponsible' news outlet. He said that the family 'died a thousand deaths' when they saw the news.

Adhyayan and Shekhar Suman
Adhyayan and Shekhar Suman

"Yday@ZeeNews sent out a piece of news which devastated all of us. They said that Adhyayan Suman has committed suicide.Adhyayan was in Delhi and was unreachable and we all died a thousand deaths.Such a shocking news cld have had a disastrous effect," Suman took to Twitter and wrote.

Suman further wrote, "While a demand an immediate public apology from @ZeeNews I request the I&T minister @PrakashJavdekar@Maha CM @OfficeofUT @AnilDeshmukhNCP to take strict legal action against @ZeeNews for such an irresponsible and reprehensible act."

In a series of tweets, he further opined, "While I'm taking legal action against them and suing them for such a reprehensible act.The media ought to be more responsible and not jeopardize ppl's lives and destroy them for their own vested interest.i request ev one to tweet and ban @ZeeNews."

Shekhar Suman and Wife
Shekhar Suman and wife AlkaVarinder Chawla

"We are aghast and still not come out of the shock.I request ev one to tweet against such an unpardonable behavior of @ZeeNews and ban the channel lest it happens to anyone going ahead and taking a suitable legal action them" the veteran actor further said.

Not acceptable

Hinting at having received an apology, he further lashed out at the news outlet and tweeted, "Some random apology by one of @ZeeNews regular journalists is not accepatable for such an unpardonable act.The bosses shld have some shame and own up to their faux-pas which is deplorable.Imagine if they had done the same to any of the political big-wigs." He also said that despite the 'damaging' and 'horrifying news' no one from the media outlet came forward to clarify and apologise.

In a video by Viral Bhayani, Adhyayan has now reacted to the whole episode. He said that he suddenly started receiving calls and everyone was worried about it. He added that the incident was shameful and would put any parents into shock. Shekhar Suman was quite vocal about Sushant Singh Rajput's suicide and continues to seek justice for him.