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Women in cinema collective: Check what Rima Kallingal and Parvathy have to say.Facebook

Women in Cinema Collective has faced social media wrath for sharing an article on its Facebook page. The article, which discusses the misogyny in Malayalam cinema in detail, was removed after a day from the page due to severe criticism online.

WCC shared the article while extending New Year wishes on January 1. The post called 2017 a meaningful year for the cinema world with an awakening and genuine introspection.

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The page also shared the article link in the post, and it discussed the ongoing row on misogyny in Malayalam with some references. Soon after it surfaced, it received severe backlash with people calling it derogatory towards Mammootty as it placed him and Dileep on the same plane while discussing misogyny in Mollywood.

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Some netizens started a campaign to downrate the WCC page on Facebook.

By January 2, Tuesday, many gave the page 1 star rating, backed by numerous abusive comments in the forum accusing the WCC members of insulting Mammootty. As a result, the page's rating fell into a 1.5.

"It's only for their own needs... Being selective but not collective..." [Sic], writes one user.

"Malayalam cinima kochammamarku ente vaka 1 star .....ee 1 star oru valiya theriyaaanu...just read it," [Sic], reads another review.

"Not Women in Cinema Collective..it is Waste in Cinema Collective," [Sic], writes a user.

But, as the down-rating campaign gathered momentum, a counter-campaign giving WCC page a 5 star rating and posting supporting reviews also started.

WCC became the target of relentless cyber attack ever since it was formed after the controversial actress abduction case.

The cyber attack and demeaning comments intensified with the collective's firm stand and opinions expressed through its Facebook page and other venues on various issues like Kasaba misogyny row.