The first season of "Wayward Pines" managed to impress the viewers and build a strong fan base. In an attempt to gratify the fans' craving for crime, power and politics that takes place in the obscure town of "Wayward Pines", executive producer Chad Hodge told E! that Fox has been in touch with M Night Shyamalan and him. He said, "There are some preliminary discussions, but nothing official yet."

But, fans are waiting to see if Season 2 will focus on the First Generation or Ben, and will Ben find accomplices to reawaken the adults who were put in suspension chambers?

The last episode of Season 1 ended with the death of the town's hero, Ethan Burke (Matt Dillon). Other causalities included David Pilcher and Megan Fisher. Ethan's son, Ben, woke up from a coma after three years to find himself in a town where teenagers hold the law of the land. Amy, his girlfriend reveals to him that the First Generation is suspicious of him.

Hodge futher told E! that the First Generation may have power, but there aren't enough of them to sustain a town. "They have to bring some people out of suspension, so I think they tried to bring out people from Group C. Those people, of course, some tried to run, some tried to scream and shout and don't understand the rules," Hodge said.

In Season 2, we would witness a town that takes pride in giving harsh punishments. The social order in the town would be maintained by Jason, the new Sherriff. Nevertheless, there will be a group of dissidents and Ben could very well become the leader of the oppressed.

The plot in Season 2 could also include another significant characte, Adam Hassler. In Season 1, Hassler was Ethan's boss. His video captures his realisation that civilization is only left in "Wayward Pines". The clip also depicts him and a group of people being attacked by Abbies. It isn't clear if Hassler dies in that accident.

A popular fan theory argues that Hassler could have survived the attack and he could be on his way to "Wayward Pines". If he is indeed, then Ben could use his help. A secret service agent's skill for breaking into security systems could be put to use, and the adults could very well be awakened.