YouTube screenshot/ Tromba d'aria su Sanremo

 The stunning phenomenon called waterspout, witnessed at the harbour in the coastal city of Sanremo, located in north-western Italy, has been captured on camera. 

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Earlier on Friday December 1, the waterspout transformed into a tornado on land and caused damage to property in the Italian city.

Waterspouts are funnels of mist and clouds which form over a water body and start spinning. On an average, these phenomena last for a span of five to ten minutes.

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Many people who witnessed the rare natural phenomenon shot its video and shared on social media.

Have a look at the bizarre phenomenon in this footage:


According to a BBC report, the devastation took place at a harbour in Sanremo after which it quickly moved inland, causing damage to roofs and vehicles within a few minutes.

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Other media reports revealed that this phenomenon did not cause any serious injury to any person.

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"The beach was closed on the popular Italian Riviera tourist destination, while there were also reports of shattered windows, falling chimneys and damage to vehicles," a report by The Telegraph stated.

Check out this YouTube video to see the dramatic phenomenon:

YouTube/ Tromba d'aria su Sanremo