Season 2 episode 2 of Syfy's "Z Nation" will be aired on Friday, 18 September, and when it does, we will see how the crew tries to save themselves from the zombies closing in on them.

In the promo for "White Light", we see a presenter of the talk show, "Dead Live", introducing Murphy (Keith Allan) to the world as the only man who did not become a zombie, even after getting hit. In the premiere episode we saw Murphy aka patient zero trying out his mind control power over zombies and getting them to do his bidding.

Possibly owing to his powers, the baby that was born to the woman Murphy slept with in season 1 has a psychic connection to him. This connection will allow the baby to point out its father's exact location.

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Meanwhile, the missile meant for Citizen Z (DJ Qualls) was held off by a plane, turning all the soldiers in it to zombies. The only member to survive the disaster broadcast on all channels that he was on a mission to find Murphy, and that anyone to help him do it will be rewarded by the government and will be put on a priority list for cure.

Speaking of cure, in the promo for the upcoming episode, Citizen Z reveals that they could still get a chance to get to the vaccine, and the crew is seen heading towards some place in the SUV.

Here is the official synopsis for season 2 episode 2 of "Z Nation", which you can watch on Friday, 18 September on Syfy or live stream via Syfy website:

The heroes are reunited, but soon find themselves navigating an unexpected tragedy as they engage in fierce fighting with both zombies and bounty hunters who are eager to capture Murphy, dead or alive. Meanwhile, Vasquez makes a strategic decision.