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The post-apocalyptic series "Z Nation" will return with season 2 on SyFy Channel later this year, and when it does come back, its creators will have a lot of cliffhangers to address.

When season 1 ended, Murphy aka "Patient Zero" (Keith Allan) is seen shedding his skin, hair and teeth, and his eyes have a Zombie-like tinge to them. He is seemingly turning into a human-zombie hybrid that even zombies fear. He is also capable of commanding zombies and mentally controlling humans after biting them. 

In the finale, he is seen leaving the containment lab without proper decontamination, propelling several nuclear warheads to launch weapons at the lab, including the NSA site that Citizen Z aka Simon Cruller (DJ Qualls) operates from, along with his dog.

Meanwhile, Doc (Russell Hodgkinson) is dealing with his gunshot wound and Cassadra (Pisay Pao) with the zombie virus infection. Through all this, Dr. Kurian (Donal Corren) is missing.

The "Z Nation" storyline is vast and the show-runners have reportedly enough content to be panned out over five to seven seasons.

In fact, the SyFy show's co-creator Craig Engler told Dread Central: "We can either take our time getting there, or we can rush depending on what's going on with the show. It's an ending which you could see in 5 seasons, you could see it in 7 seasons... or... if something went drastically wrong, we could probably wrap it up quicker. There's definitely an endgame in mind, but there's definitely a lot of ground to cover between now and when we get there."

Whether or not the network will keep the zombie series for five more years, fans can expect unusually brilliant zombies and gory killings in season 2.

"We talk about what kinds of zombies there can be. Our show has introduced several different kinds of the living dead, my favourite being the nuclear zombies. In Season 2 we have some really cool things planned. Stuff people haven't seen before. It's very important for us to have good and fun zombie kills," Engler said.

The 15-episode season 2 of "Z Nation" is expected to be on air from September 2015.