The Young Pope
Jude Law as The Young PopeYoutube Screenshot

HBO's religious drama The Young Pope will be back with episode 4 this Monday, January 23, at 9 pm EST. The Jude Law-starrer drama series combines religion and power immensely.

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The Young Pope revolves around the story of the first American pope named Lenny Belardo and his character's power-hungriness. Directed by Italian director Paolo Sorrentino, the 10-episodes miniseries is highly surreal.

In the episode 3, we saw Jude Law's Pope Pius XIII's first public address at the St. Peter's Square. But it will see major negative reactions from the faithful who are present there. In a damage control exercise, the Pope will hold a press conference, where his counselor, Sister Mary, represents him reading a short statement. Though it was his first official public address, the pope remained invisible throughout the speech.

On the other hand, the Pope would go to Cardinal Michael Spencer to encourage him to accept his offer. In return, Cardinal Spencer seemed to be quite offended and imprecated: "You will be a terrible Pope, the most dangerous in modern time."

The episode 4 will see Cardinal Voiello urging the young Pope Pius XIII to finally deal with the abuse scandal surrounding American Cardinal, Kurtwell. But the Pope shocks Voiello by requesting to remove all homosexuals from the Catholic Church, without regard to the person. Voiello then tries to force Esther, the wife of a Swiss guardsman, to seduce the pope. Now it is time to see what happens in the episode 4. Is the Pope Pius XIII homophobic? What will happen when Esther's wife tries to seduce him?

To know more, you have to watch The Young Pope episode 4 on HBO at 9 pm EST. You can live stream the episode here.