Taxi drivers in Delhi
[Representational image] The taxi driver made his wife sit in the trunk, holding a table.Creative Commons

What will you do when you face transporting your favorite piece of furniture faces obstacle? Everyone who likes furniture should take a leaf out this driver's book who has, no doubt, made optimum utilization of resources for efficient transportation, but at your own risk.

The driver made his wife climb into the open trunk of his taxi and made her hold a table. In the video that went viral, the car is seen speeding down a highway in Nanchang, Jiangxi province, China while the woman is sitting inside the trunk holding the legs of the table.

The footage was reportedly recorded by a passerby on March 13 and was posted on Chinese social media platform.

However, the driver was soon stopped by police who took the duo into custody, reported Shanghaiist.

Shanghaiist also shared the video on their Facebook page on March 15 and it garnered 53,000 views at the time of writing the article.

While some viewers enjoyed the video, others expressed concern for the woman. While one person commented "who needs to hire a van when you have yo wife," another said: "Omg. This is dangerous to his wife and he is driving fast".

After questioning, it was revealed that the couple bought the table for their daughter's new home, but were not willing to spend money by renting a vehicle for transportation. They also didn't have a rope to tie the table.

However, the couple's plan to save money went down the drain as the driver was fined 150 yuan (23.69 US Dollar) and two points were deducted from his license.