While You Were Sleeping
Jung Jae Chan might change the future again in While You Were Sleeping.SBS

Romantic thriller While You Were Sleeping could feature some unexpected challenges for prosecutor Jung Jae Chan in episodes 21 and 22. These episodes will air on SBS this Wednesday, November 1, at 10 pm KST.

As soon as the prosecutor resumes for work, he will be asked to investigate a highly sensitive case. Since prosecutor-turned-defence attorney Lee Yoo Beom will be on the other end, Jung Jae Chan may have to do some extra work.

New behind-the-scenes stills for the Korean mini-series tease a romantic vacation for the onscreen couple. The photos show Jung Jae Chan and his friend Nam Hong Joo meeting at a bus stop and smiling at each other while holding their picnic blankets. In the images, they are dressed in bright clothes.

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Another set of stills show the onscreen couple on a romantic date. In one of the photos, they are seen watching a lovey-dovey couple from a distance. It remains to be if the duo is secretly observing the couple.

A representative from the production team said that episodes 21 and 22 will revolve around the nightmares of Nam Hong Joo and her friend Han Woo Tak. "The preview revealed that Hong Joo and Woo Tak dream about Jae Chan giving up his job as a prosecutor and that Jae Chan and Yoo Beom go against each other in high tension," the source said.

The promo shows Nam Hong Joo telling Jung Jae Chan about the sensitive case. "You will have to prosecute a sensitive case tomorrow. You have to make a decision. A very hard decision," she says.

Watch the trailer below:

The upcoming episodes of the SBS drama will also feature the guest appearance of Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo star Lee Sung Kyung and Doctors actor Yoon Kyun Sang.

Click here to watch While You Were Sleeping episodes 21 and 22 tonight at 10 pm KST on SBS. The mini-series will also be available online on video-streaming sites Viki and DramaFever.