Modi Putin

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is known for his affable and easy going style of interactions with top world leaders. Among those with whom the PM seems to have struck a rapport is Russian President Vladimir Putin.

When PM Modi recently visited Russia to attend the 5th Eastern Economic Forum, he had a meeting with President Putin. But before the two leaders could sit down for tete-a-tete, the Russian premier introduced 'another president' to the Prime Minister. It was the President of FIFA Gianni Infantino.

The Russian President also said that the FIFA chief intends to make football more popular in India. This drew a characteristic response from the Indian PM who gave an encouraging pat on the back to Infantino as all three men proceeded forward.

It is to be remembered that Russia hosted the FIFA World Cup last year and in the preceding year, it was India who had the opportunity to host the FIFA Under-17 World Cup. Both tournaments were a success.

If the FIFA chief is focussing on India, it is a smart move. The growing popularity of football coupled with the massive population makes this country a very exciting prospect for the game's governing body to invest it.

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