octopus stuck on woman's face

Vloggers have always gone to great lengths to get views and become popular. However, not many have gotten a live octopus stuck to their face and the entire video shows how she tries to remove it.

A Chinese vlogger wanted to show her viewers how to eat a live octopus. As many of you know, even when octopuses are cooked, it is advised to eat them after coating your throat with an oily liquid so that the tentacles do not latch on.

The video was filmed by a vlogger who goes by the name 'seaside little seven' and was uploaded on Kuaishou, a short-video app, not unlike TikTok.

However, this girl was none the wiser and took on the challenge to eat the live octopus. Things did not go as planned when the octopus latched itself onto her face and what was supposed to be a video of her eating a live octopus became a video of the woman trying to remove the octopus from her face.

Through the video, you can see her screaming in pain while trying to detach the eight-tentacled marine animal off her face. She is screaming 'look how hard it is sucking', and cried that it is painful and that she can't remove it.

In the end, she manages to get it off her face but we can see that she is still in pain. She has a wound on her cheek which is bleeding and it is seen that the girl is completely terrified and traumatized after this experience.

The video then ends with her promising her fans that she will eat in the next video, as per the original plan, reports Daily Mail