The Walking Dead
Pictured: Chandler Riggs as Carl.Facebook.The Walking Dead

This Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead is titled Sing Me a Song and it will shift focus back to the residents of Alexandria Safe Zone and Rick's gang of survivors. Season 7 episode 7 is also expected to feature an interesting interaction between Carl and Negan. AMC will stream the episode live this Sunday, December 4.

Warning: This post contains spoilers from the upcoming episode of The Walking Dead.

Sing Me a Song will see Carl reaching The Sanctuary and taking out a number of men before he is overpowered by Dwight and taken to Negan, who is impressed by the teen. Negan gives Carl a tour of The Sanctuary and many of the incidents that happen there are straight out of Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead comics, which is the source material for the AMC show. One such incident is the ironing scene, where Negan places a hot iron on one of his men as a form of punishment.

Describing the scene, TSDF Army, a The Walking Dead spoiler forum, revealed that it is pretty graphic. "The actual ironing itself, yes, it's graphic, but it's over pretty quickly," noted TSDF Army. "The scene leading up to it is the worst part. Daryl is there. Carl is there. And Negan forces Dwight to help. Of course, there's the classic Negan speech too."

But shortly after that, Negan, who is considered one of the worst villains to come out of Kirkman's books, displays his tender side when he takes Carl back to Alexandria Safe Zone and plays with Judith. "Negan really really likes Judith! He sits on the porch and rocks her to sleep," the spoiler forum noted.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays on AMC.