Mohammed Shami, India vs Pakistan, India cricket, Champions Trophy squad, Pakistani fan
Mohammed Shami.IANS

Instances of cricketers losing their cool when fans catcall players from the stands are not new. Players mostly ignore the clamour, but it was not the case for Mohammed Shami after the Champions Trophy final, where Pakistan beat India by 180 runs at Oval on Sunday.

As the Indian players were walking up the stairs towards the dressing room, a Pakistan fan was constantly shouting 'baap kaun hai (who is your father)'. Many players, like Rohit Sharma and India skipper Virat Kohli, ignored the catcalls, but it became too much to take for Shami.

The India pacer stopped after having heard the comment from a Pakistani fan, looked at him in an angry manner, and gave him his piece of mind.

A security official also had to intervene to stop Shami. Seeing this, the ever-so-cool former India captain MS Dhoni came to the rescue and calmed down Shami, who is not known for such kind of behaviour.

However, had Dhoni not come in between and pulled the player back, the situation could have turned ugly, and garnered off-field controversy.

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