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Tim Hague.Richard Wolowicz/Getty Images.

Things have not been going too well in the world of combat sports the last few days. Recently UFC legend Matt Hughes was airlifted to a hospital after his truck collided with a train and before that, boxer Daniel Franco needed an emergency brain surgery after his brutal knockout against Jose Haro.

The world of combat sports in undoubtedly a dangerous one and anyone who enters this sport is risking their life and that was the case for former UFC heavyweight star Tim Hague. The MMA star-turned-boxer is currently fighting for his life after he was knocked out cold by Adam Braidwood in the second round of their match leaving him brain dead.

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After being hit right in the face, Hague landed face first on the mat and his head bounced off the canvas — prompting immediate concern from medical officials in the arena. He was then immediately rushed to a nearby hospital and required emergency surgery to relieve pressure from a brain bleed.

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Not a lot of information other than the situation being really serious has been released as of now. Hague's friend and fellow-fighter Cody Krahn revealed that the severity of the situation when he confirmed in a Facebook post that the 34-year-old was in a coma in hospital.

"As many of you know, Tim suffered a severe knockout in his boxing match last night. Once we got Tim backstage and with the doctor, we could tell he needed to go to the hospital. Tim is currently in a coma. He had to have surgery to relieve the pressure from his brain bleeding. But because we're not family, they weren't able to tell us much more," Krahn posted on Facebook.

Another source close to the fighter revealed that he was brain dead.

Hague entered this bout with Braidwood with a 1-2 overall record and was knocked out in December. His last MMA bout was in July 2016 where he was knocked out with a head kick and punches from Michael Andryszak. Hague had a 21-13 record in MMA, including a 1-4 record inside the Octagon with his only win his only win being a submission over Pat Barry at UFC 98. He had lost four of his last five MMA bouts.