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Chris GaffaneyScreenshot: The Official Page of Indian Cricket Team/FB

The final call always remains with the umpire in a cricket match, and they are the centre of attention in the gentleman's game. Umpire Chris Gaffaney caught attention on social media as he raised his index finger, but changed his mind later on, leading to a comical moment in the ongoing India vs Australia third Test in Ranchi.

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Let me reveal what exactly transpired. India's number three batsman Cheteshwar Pujara continued his impressive form on Day 4 of the Test match, and he went for a hook shot in the 140th over of the Indian innings when Josh Hazlewood was bowling. Pujara missed the ball, and there was a slight appeal from the Australian players, though not at all convincing.

In all this, Gaffaney raised his index finger, somewhat, but he soon changed it and took his finger, quickly, towards his hat, realising it was a mistake.

The Australian players also looked confused, especially captain Steve Smith, who at slips might have witnessed all that took shape in front of him. However, as Pujara had not made any contact, the skipper did not press for anything. The right-hander in the middle was not perturbed as he had the option of DRS even if he was officially given out.

This Test series has bagged headlines for many cold blood moments, but this one will be remembered for a long time, in a comical light.