Residents in Bengal's West Midnapore district on Saturday, June 13, faced an unanticipated event as a triple-storey under-construction building collapsed early morning today. The people claimed that a canal being cleaned nearby might have caused the building to collapse. 

Triple-storey building collapses into canal in West Bengal

After the building collapse in West Midnapore, no casualties were reported, but residents were unable to retrieve belongings in time. An investigation has also been ordered in the area as to what caused the building to collapse unexpectedly.

No casualties or injuries reported

In the early hours of the morning today, residents of a building in the Nischantpur area in Daspur, West Midnapore, Bengal were given a terrible surprise as the building collapsed. Luckily there have been no casualties or injuries reported, but residents haven't been able to retrieve their belongings.

The building owned by a businessman Nimai Samanta housed a store and marble store on the ground floor. The residents alleged that the cleaning of a nearby canal may have caused the weakening of the foundation of the building. 

Building collapse in Bengal

The Gomrai Canal has been undergoing cleaning under MGNREGA over the course of the last few weeks. The building was built close to the canal, residents said, which would be a gross violation of the law. Residents who noticed something wasn't right when they woke up, evacuated the building. A video of the event has been making the rounds of social media, showing the building sliding into the mud and crashing down.