Season 2 of "Transcendent" will premiere on Wednesday, June 8
Season 2 of "Transcendent" will premiere on Wednesday, June 8Facebook/Transcedent

The second season of Fuse channel's "Transcendent" will premiere on Wednesday, June 8. The new season will see the personal and professional journey of five transgender women Bambiana, Bionka, Xristina, L.A. and Nya.

In the second season, the drama between these ladies has only become more intense. According to World of Wonder, the premiere episode will feature a dinner party that ends in a massive fight between the ladies. This season, it seems like the drama has gone to a whole new level.

Even Nya, who keeps calling the girls of her family, says in a web exclusive video: "It's been feeling a little dysfunctional lately." In fact, in the fights that will be aired on the upcoming episodes fans will see that some of these ladies do not even consider each other friends, let alone family.

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However, the show that is popularly described as equal parts "I am Cait" and "Real Housewives," also has its sweet moments. During L.A.'s transition, the rest of the ladies come to her guidance. In the promo video, we see her meeting with her doctor to decide of what size breasts she wants after transition. The season will also see her in love with "one special" young man she even introduces to her father.

Meanwhile, Bambiana will be seen trying to deal with her anger management issues, especially after she asks her mother to move in with her. She is seen taking her anger out on a punching bag so as to spare her loved ones, but the one sure shot cure for her anger and disappointment is performing.

Don't forget to watch Season 2 episode 1 of "Transcendent" at 11:30 p.m. (EST) on Wednesday, June 7. You can also stream the episode via Fuse TV app.