Top gear premieres on Sunday, May 29
Top gear premieres on Sunday, May 29BBC

Fans had given up on BBC's "Top Gear" back in the premiere episode of Season 23, and now it looks like the showrunners have an ultimatum that would decide the future of the show. It is understood that Matt LecBlanc has demanded that his current c-host Chris Evans be booted off the show or he would not return for a new season.

"Top Gear" fans have been disgruntled with the series since the beginning of the new season, mostly due to Chris Evans. Quite a few of them have opined on social media and comments section of the "Top Gear" Youtube channel about how Evans humour seems forced and he comes across as arrogant. LeBlanc, meanwhile got a surprisingly positive response, with many fans suggesting that he be the only host of "Top Gear."

Despite the exceedingly low ratings, Evans had maintained that the show is still very popular and made it seem like BBC was happy with its performance. However, now it seems like all pretext has been thrown to the wind, with LeBlanc demanding that Evans be removed from the show.

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The Sun has reported that the former "FRIENDS" star is frustrated with Evans' "rudeness and frostiness toward the team," and does not want to work with him anymore. It is understood that "Top Gear" has already agreed to pay LeBlanc for two series. Now with the ultimatum on top of Evans' unpopularity, it seems clear what the showrunners would choose to do.

Meanwhile, the upcoming Season 2 episode 5 of "Top Gear" will see comedian Jennifer Saunders and celebrity chef Paul Hollywood as guests. The official synopsis of the episode also reads: "Chris Harris reviews the BMW M2; Rory Reid delivers a Jaguar F-type SVR to the Geneva Motor Show."

Don't forget to watch the episode on Sunday, May 29. You can watch it via BBC Two channel or live stream it using iPlayer.