Indian Congress party president Rahul Gandhi (L) with his sister Priyanka Gandhi pay tribute to their late father

Rajiv Gandhi, who was described as a non-politician by many of his contemporaries, had visibly deep-rooted family values. In a documentary titled 'India's Rajiv', the Gandhi family scion had said that his daughter Priyanka is strong-willed like his mother Indira Gandhi. Priyanka was also very close to her grandmother. Rajiv had also said that Rahul was more sensitive.

Priyanka had recently made her debut in politics after she was handed over the charge of eastern Uttar Pradesh. It has prompted a debate on her likeness with her grandmother and former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.

From Priyanka's looks to her handloom sarees and her articulation, the 47-year-old politician and a mother of two does remind us of the fierce politician like Indira Gandhi.

Congress had recently dug out an old picture of Priyanka looking all cheerful while playing with her granny to drive across the point that the duo was close and are made for politics. "There are always differences amongst the siblings. Like I and Sanjay Gandhi are not the same. This also holds true for Priyanka and Rahul," Rajiv had said.

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What Rajiv Gandhi said about Sonia Gandhi?

Soon after Rajiv Gandhi's death, the opposition parties had consistently attacked his wife Sonia Gandhi for being a foreign national who has no understanding of the Indian society. However, in this documentary, Rajiv supports his Sonia and called her more Indian than many women in the country.

"She has adjusted well, understands our culture and has even surpassed me when it comes to holding on to our traditions. So, I really don't understand the regular criticism thrown at her," Rajiv told Simi Garewal.

However, Rajiv had always opined that Sonia Gandhi didn't want to join politics. "She tours with me to remote corners of the country and connects with the people. But, I don't think she has taken a liking for politics. She also travels solo to Amethi, Uttar Pradesh where she supervises eye camps for children. I am really happy at the way she has bonded with the people on the ground," the former PM added.

The current debate around Rafale jet controversy is also reminiscent of the similar criticism that was levelled against Rajiv Gandhi during the Bofors gun scandal in the late 1980s where he was charged with corruption.

"I really don't understand Indian press. In the first two years of my tenure in Prime Minister's office, they thought I can do nothing wrong and now they say I can do nothing right. Where is the neutrality, balance? The truth always lies somewhere in-between." Rajiv told Simi Garewal.

Watch part 2 of India's Rajiv here:

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