intersex shark discovered
[Representative Image of Shark]Wikimedia Commons

A diver in Durban, South Africa, captured on camera the terrifying moment when a massive shark suddenly charged at him and knocked his mask off. Scuba diver Elton Polly recorded the video using a GoPro camera.

The diver was underwater along with two of his friends during a baited scuba dive with a few Oceanic blacktip sharks. These scuba divers use bait to attract one of the deadliest predators to observe them.

It was during that time when one of the sharks attacked him. The agitated shark, in an attempt to get away, smashed into the diver's head and knocked his mask off. Fortunately, nothing happened to the diver.

"These type of dives take place daily in that area. The shark was startled and in an attempt to get away, it charged right into the diver's head, knocking his mask off and the regulator from his mouth," Polly said, according to Daily Star. "No one was injured and the shark was unharmed too."

A video went viral from last year had shown a giant whale saving a snorkeller's life from a large tiger shark near the Cook Islands in the South Pacific. Biologist Nan Hauser was snorkeling when a large tiger shark charged at her. However, a 50,000-pound humpback whale came to her rescue and saved her from the "potentially deadly" attack.

"I've spent 28 years underwater with whales, and have never had a whale so tactile and so insistent on putting me on his head, or belly, or back, or, most of all, trying to tuck me under his huge pectoral fin," Hauser was quoted by the Mirror as saying. "I never took my eyes off him which is why I didn't see the shark right away."

"I wasn't sure what the whale was up to when he approached me, and it didn't stop pushing me around for over 10 minutes. It seemed like hours. I was a bit bruised up," she said.

"I tried to get away from him for fear that if he rammed me too hard, or hit me with his flippers or tail, that would break my bones and rupture my organs. If he held me under his pectoral fin, I would have drowned."