In the previous episode of "Supergirl", we finally saw the Kryptonian superhero using every bit of her energy to defeat the robot Red Tornado. In the brilliant episode that was "Red Faced", we saw the solar flare, which was a result of her "emptying the tank" to fight it.

The action rendered her powerless and in the upcoming episode, aptly titled "Human for a Day", we see her trying to live a day as a normal human being. Her friends and Kara (Melissa Benoist) will have to depend on her inner strength when earthquake hits National City. For all comic book fans out there, the episode will feature as special Easter Egg and a nod to the time her cousin Superman lost his own powers.

In the series that was featured when Geoff Johns and artist John Romita Jr were the creative heads of the Superman comics, Clark and Jimmy are walking around Metropolis, with the former just having revealed the true identity of Superman to his young friend. They bump into a robbery, and Clark is quick to change costumes and become the superhero he truly is.

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When Jimmy reminds him how dangerous it is, considering Clark has no superpowers now, the latter asks him, "You think I only step in front of guns because I'm bulletproof?"

In a televised recreation of the scene, Jimmy (Mehcad Brooks) is seen telling Kara in the promo for "Supergirl" Season 1 Episode 7 that she could get shot, and she replies, "I can't do nothing."

Meanwhile, Kara and her sister Alex (Chlyer Leigh) are getting increasingly suspicious of the DEO head and their boss Hank (David Harewood), about his real interests and his role in the death of their father. This suspicious becomes two-fold when Alex and Hank get trapped in the DEO with Jemm (Charles Halford), a powerful alien escapee.

As viewers already know, Hank is an alien who is living undetected among humans, and is using his position as the head of the DEO to imprison extra-terrestrial beings like him. However, his intentions are not clear yet; he could very well be there to protect Jeremiah's (Dean Cain) daughters.

Watch out for Season 1 Episode 7 of "Supergirl" at 8.00 pm (EST) on Monday, 7 December. You can also live stream "Human for a Day" via CBS Live