Mike's (Patrick J Adams) future on "Suits" is still hanging by a thread, and since Sheila Sazz (Rachael Harris) confirmed publicly she was the one who sold Mike out, everyone in Pearson Specter Litt is under the radar. In the upcoming Season 5 Episode 13 "God's Green Earth", Gibbs (Leslie Hope) will be seen demanding a trial in the next two weeks.

Everyone's career at Pearson Specter Litt is in jeopardy, and in an effort to save everyone, Harvey (Gabriel Macht) asks his former girlfriend and lawyer Scottie (Abigail Spencer) for help. However, they are no longer on good terms, and her arrival may cause more problems for Harvey than solve them. After all, Mike's secret was what came drove them apart in the first place.

Although the couple has had a fling every time they met, this time it is unlikely Scottie and Harvey will let their feelings carry them away. Harvey is under a lot of pressure, and moreover, he has finally realised he has complicated feelings for Donna (Sarah Rafferty).

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In the second half of Season 5, fans got a deeper look into Donna and Harvey's releationship, especially from when they were younger. In "Live to Fight.." Harvey had gone as far as to threaten Donna's father for asking her to invest her money in his business.

While Donna's return and Louis' secretary Gretchen (Aloma Wright) will be invaluable assets to the firm in this time of need, Mike getting out of the trial seems unlikely. His reputation would get tarnished and from the way Gibbs is going after him, it looks like she will not rest till Mike is behind bars.

In the promo for "God's Green Earth", he is seen accusing Rachel (Meghan Markle) of cheating on her LSATs with Mike's help. And from the looks of it, Gibbs will get Rachel arrested. It is highly unlikely he will return to practising law once he is out of the mess. This story would either end with Mike going to jail or Harvey and him proving that he did not commit fraud.

Although the latter is more likely, either scenario would lead Mike back to practising law. Now that Season 6 of "Suits" has been confirmed, Mike's story may have to continue outside the firm. Even if he wanted to return, Jessica (Gina Torres) would not allow him back in "her house" aka Pearson Specter Litt. 

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