After having an embarrassing moment at the work, Homer decides to become a stand-up comedian and work on his speech in the upcoming episode titled "Simprovise."

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According to the synopsis of the episode by, "Homer takes a stab at improvising comedy to regain his confidence and improve his public-speaking skills after messing up a speech in work; and Marge rebuilds Bart's shoddy tree-house, but he throws a wrench into the project when he questions her construction abilities. At the end of the episode, Homer answers questions from fans."

Whether Homer will return to his normal life or not, will be seen once the episode airs.

In the previous episode titled "To Courier with Love," we will see in the Stone age (50,000 years ago), Simpsons family lookalikes appear in a show named "The Invention of Motherhood," where Marge tried to keep Homer, Bart, Lisa and Maggie under control with their mischief.

Moving to the present day, the same thing was happening at the Simpson house, and Marge tried to convince Homer to do his chores. In the garage, Lisa found a rare Morgan Motor vehicle, left by the previous owner of the house and Homer decided to keep it.

Marge later confessed that she was not happy with her life and Homer seized an opportunity to cheer her up, selling his newly-found car to Jay Leno and getting enough money to take Marge on a vacation. However, Jay returned soon and demanded his money back from Homer as the car was not registered to Homer and hence, was impounded by the police.

To avoid making Marge sad, Homer decided to contact a travel agent for a trip to Paris. However, he soon got into trouble as the vacation was the most inconvenient one any of the Simpsons ever had.