The Simpsons have stated who they are voting for this elections and it is not Donald Trump. Pictured: Screenshot of the videoYoutube

The Simpsons have made it clear who they are voting for this year's presidential elections in the United States and it is clearly not the Republican nominee Donald Trump. The Simpsons have often taken a dig at Trump in their episodes. In their latest episode, the show is seen highlighting Trump's 'bromance' with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Trump has repeatedly made admiring remarks about the Russian President ignoring the rising tensions between the US and Russia. The billionaire also announced on Tuesday that he would like to meet Putin before taking the presidential oath if he wins the US elections.

The latest clip of The Simpsons shows Homer heading off to the electoral booth to cast his vote. Homer sees a Red Sox fan in the queue and becomes suspicious after the fan says that he is voting for Trump as he is a "good businessman, never sleeps, never pays his taxes...legally."

The Trump supporter turns out to be the Russian President himself. The dig was made considering the reportedly warm relationship between Trump and Putin.

The Russian government has been accused of tampering with the US presidential elections. According to the US intelligence agencies, the recent hacking of emails of the US Democratic National Committee (DNC) right before their national convention was conducted by Russian hackers associated with the Kremlin government.

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Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton's campaign has also needled Trump over his announcement that he would meet Putin before taking the presidential charge.

"It's unclear why Donald Trump needs to meet with Vladimir Putin on November 9 since he's already repeating all his talking points, pushing his policy agenda and taking advantage of his espionage operation," Clinton campaign spokesman Glen Caplin said.

"Rest assured that as president, Hillary Clinton will stand up to Putin in the face of his unacceptable behaviour, not coddle him," he added.