Shopping King Louie
Shopping King Louie to return with a time-jump in episode 12; where to watch it live online?Facebook/MBC

Popular romantic comedy drama Shopping King Louie returns with episode 12 this Wednesday, November 2, at 10 pm KST on MBC. The sequel could feature a time-jump in the lives of Louis a.k.a Kang Ji-sung and his lover Ko Bok-shil.

After a shocking cliffhanger in episode 11 that featured the title character back in streets, the network left no clues for the viewers to guess the fate of the onscreen couple. The promotional photos and trailers have not been released for the new episode.

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So the fans of the Seo In-guk's character are eager to know whether he met with an accident again or is he doing it to win back Bok-shil? Click here to find out. Shopping King Louie episode 12 will also be available online here.

However, from the premiere episode, the period drama has been switching to a narration mode time and again, so it can be assumed that the series of events that has been shown till now could be flashbacks from the lives of the two protagonists, who were brought together by destiny.

More over, last month cast member Seo In-guk shared an image of himself on Instagram, which hinted at a time-jump for the Korean mini-series. He captioned the set photo of himself in makeup : "It's today. Shopping King Louie's Grandpa Louie. Am I going to age like this?"

But the followers of the period drama will have to wait for the telecast of episode 12 to know what lies ahead for the onscreen couple. The sequel will also feature the reactions of Cha Joong-won, Baek Ma-ri, grandmother Cha Soo-il and butler Kim Ho-joon after knowing that the title character is back in streets and has no memory of the past.