Shopping King Louie
Viewers are eager to know the fate of their favourite onscreen couple.Youtube/Screenshot

Shopping King Louie has left its fans reeling over the shocking cliffhanger of episode 11 that featured the title character Louis a.k.a Kang Ji-sung back on the streets with Ko Bok-shil. Since the show has taken its followers back to the premiere episode, they are eager to know the fate of their favourite onscreen couple.

Ever since the period drama focused on the car accident and the death of Bok-nam, the biggest question on viewers' mind was: 'Is he really died?' They got their answer in the latest episode that showed him calmly sitting in the park and having noodles.

When the male lead reaches out to Ryoo Ui-hyun's character and tries to talk, he runs away. A chase for him ends up with Seo In-guk's character meeting with another accident. In the next scene, he is seen on the streets with no memories of the past. Since he doesn't even remember his girlfriend, fans are excited to know more about his fate.

Since MBC is yet to release the official trailer for the next episode, there is no information available. So fans will have to wait until Wednesday, November 2, to know the fate of Nam Ji-hyun's character and her lover.

Meanwhile, an image uploaded by Seo In-guk on his official Instagram page hints that the latest accident could be a ploy by Cha Joong-won and the rich heir of Gold Line Company. The image features him with Yoon Sang-hyun on location.

The cast member even uploaded the photo of a team dinner and he titled it The First Commemorative Meal. The image shows him along with Um Hyo-sup, Kim Sun-young, Oh Dae-hwan, Ryoo Ui-hyun and Nam Ji-hyun.

Watch the epic cliffhanger of Shopping King Louie episode 11 below: