Shopping King Louie
A journey back to good times might heel all the pains and make way for a reunion.Youtube/Screenshot

Kang Ji-sung a.k.a Louis and Ko Bok-shil fans will be delighted to watch them together again in Shopping King Louie episode 11. The sequel will air this Thursday, October 27, at 10pm KST on MBC.

A short break-up of the onscreen couple in episode 10 turned intense after their loved ones and enemies got involved in it. While some of them wished for their happiness, others had their own selfish motives. The most surprising sequence was the conversation between the female lead and the CEO of Louis Ssaton, wherein the latter asked the former to keep a distance from her grandson.

However, the two protagonists will not be struck by lightning and end their relationship because it is a romantic-comedy drama. Eventually, they will get back together and live happily forever.

The official synopsis for the new episode has already teased a reunion of the onscreen couple. In the clip, Nam Ji-hyun's character is seen back in Gold Line company and secretly watching her friend handling the business.

The promo also shows Seo In-guk 's character doing everything for his lover without her knowledge and the reason that has been cited in the video is that their heart breaks when they see each other.

The sneak peek video even shows butler Kim Ho-joon searching for the title character after he goes missing again. The clip ends by featuring the rich heir back in streets as a beggar and the fans are eager to know how he got back there.

Did Louis meet with an accident again or is he doing it to win back Bok-shil? Click here to know more about it. Shopping King Louie episode 11 will also be available online here.

Watch the trailer for the MBC period drama below: