Shaunie will her youngest son Shaquir
Shaunie with her youngest son ShaquirScreenshot/Youtube

You have seen Shaquile O'Neal's ex-wife Shaunie O'Neal as the badass boss of "Basketball Wives" series. Now, she is showing a different side to her, that of being a single mother to five children. Her new show, titled "Shaunie's Home Court" will be released on Sunday, July 17.

The new Vh1 show features Shaunie, her sons Myles, Shareef and Shaquir; daughters Amira and Me'arah; and nannies Keyonna and Robert. The first five minutes of the premiere episode have already been released and it shows the competitiveness between Shaunie's elder sons Myles and Shareef.

From the first episode, it is clear that the large family is very close and loving. It is clear that Shareef, who is Shaunie's first son, with Shaq, is heading towards the NFL. However, his older brother Myles wins against him in a basketball game at an arena, and will not stop taunting him. He even posts a clip on snap chat, showing Shareef as a sore loser.

When the taunting continues even after they reach home, Shaunie decides that enough is enough and calls for a rematch. The entire family is divided into two teams and fans will see if Shareef takes back the title of basketball protégée when "Shaunie's Home Court" premieres on Sunday.

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Meanwhile, we also get to see Kayonna and Robert's interactions with the kids and Shaunie. It is evident that the two of them are also members of the family. In fact, Kayonna has been a nanny to Shaunie's children when she herself was 18.

In the premiere episode, Kayonna feels her body clock ticking and feels like she is ready to have a baby. However, Robert reminds her that she needs to sleep with a man to get pregnant, but she is not ready to do that. "It's going to be an immaculate conception," she says when Amira aka Mimi asks her who will father her child.

Don't forget to watch Season 1 episode 1 of "Shaunie's Home Court" at 10: 3 p.m. (EST) on Sunday, July 17. You can also live-stream the episode via Vh1 website. 

Meanwhile, watch first five minutes of the premeire episode here: