For the longest time, the beautiful and talented women of Hollywood were cast only as the goody-two-shoes heroines who embody all that's good in the world.

However, over time, these amazing actresses took the centre stage as the anti-herione, the hot and irresistible bad girl that you don't want to root for.

Check out some of the best bad girl transformations we have seen from the Hollywood leading ladies in the recent past. 

Mila Kunis in "Bad Moms"

Marking Kunis' foray into the mom roles, "Bad Moms" is about Amy Mitchell and her three friends who have decided that they have had enough of society's rules on how to raise their kids. Kunis' character goes on a wild binge of freedom and self-indulgence with the help of her friends.

Angelina Jolie in "Salt"

The 2010 action-thriller film saw Jolie as the ultimate badass, who is not only a criminal mastermind, but also a killer fighter. You didn't care that she was killing people, because the skill at which she does is worth ogling at. 

Rose Byrne in "Spy"

The Australian actress, who is the quintessential beauty queen of many comedy films, became a criminal overlord for Melissa McCarthy comedy "Spy." She steals the show as the terrorist who has an eye for fashion.

Cameron Diaz in "Bad Teacher"

Some teachers just don't give an "F" and Diaz's Elizabeth Halsey was a perfect example of that. The whole motivation for everything she does in the film is to win over a guy who can take care of her, and for that she needs to get her breasts enlarged.

Jennifer Aniston in "Horrible Bosses"

Rachel Green would have been scandalised by Aniston's Dr Harris, who constantly sexually harasses her employee. She is very sexually aggressive with everyone and seems to be motivated by the desire to have sex with everyone around her.