Shane Warne, who has admitted his fear of snakes in the past, put his head into a tank full of rat snakes, corn snakes and anacondas.

Yes, you read it right. The Australian spin legend did put his head into a tank full of non-venomous snakes as a part of a task he had to complete for his team in a reality show - 'I am a celebrity.'

The former Australia cricketer was warned by the host of the show, before he actually put his head into the tank, that the snakes might mistake him for food. 

Warne went ahead, nevertheless, and even if the snakes were not poisonous, one bite from an anaconda is as painful as a bunch of hypodermic needles being injected into you at once.

Warne was treated by a medic immediately, and there was no serious injury apart from a bit mark which will fade away in time. The medical team is still monitoring the bite in order to ensure it does not get infected.

According to reports, Warne is geting $3 million to appear on the show. 

Check out the video of Shane Warne getting bitten by an anaconda here: